About us

Capable Communities is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the challenges of loneliness and social isolation among adults aged 18 and above.

Individuals can find themselves isolated due to a variety of circumstances, including mental health struggles, the loss of family members, language barriers, and estrangement from social networks.

Our mission involves offering a social prescribing service that empowers our clients to connect with local resources, facilitating opportunities to forge new relationships, enhance their mental and physical health, and foster the growth of a supportive community.

Our services

Capable Communities aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation in adults aged 18 and over. We offer a range of services in order to achieve this.

  • Floating Support
  • Groups/Activities such as Exercise, Bingo, Film Club, Singing and Art
  • Social Cafe
  • Social Prescribing Surgeries
  • Healthy Living Club
  • Signposting

Activity schedule


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Building Community: Capable Communities champions connection, growth and healthy living

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