Building Community: Capable Communities champions connection, growth and healthy living

The importance of fostering a sense of belonging and community cannot be overstated, particularly in today’s digital world. For this reason, Capable Communities facilitates a roster of activities which are designed to promote well-being, connection and above all, fun!

Yoga for the Mind and Body

We recognise the importance of holistic well-being and physical activities such as yoga is the answer to this. Yoga, with its focus on relaxation and overall health improvement, provides clients with a space to unwind and rejuvenate. The physical and mental benefits of yoga contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

The Film Club

The film club initiative not only celebrates the art of cinema but as the reels roll, friendships are forged, and the shared experience of cinema becomes a powerful bonding tool within the community.

Conversation Cafe

Coffee mornings at Capable Communities are more than just an opportunity to savour a warm cup of coffee. We are fostering conversations that go beyond the surface. These mornings provide a space for clients to engage in meaningful dialogues, share thoughts, and cultivate new friendships.

Nurturing Growth and Community

In conclusion, through a blend of physical activities, cultural appreciation, and conversation, we aim to shape a community that champions inclusion, support, and shared experiences.

A Vibrant Evening of Wellness: Healthy Living Event at Flash Musicals Theatre

In a celebration of health and vitality, Capable Communities recently hosted a dynamic event at the Flash Musicals Theatre. The focal point of the evening was the promotion of our Healthy Living Club, designed to share insights and tips for embracing a healthier lifestyle.

The event unfolded with a diverse array of workshops, catering to both body and mind. Attendees immersed themselves in the rhythm of Disco Yoga, engaged in a seated exercise session with Ricky and were treated to an exhilarating dance performance by the talented Shri Dance Academy.

The interactive dance workshops weren’t the only highlight; our clients also delved into the realm of alternative healing therapies such as Reiki and Crystal Healing. Laughter echoed through the venue during a lively laughter therapy session led by the entertaining Hilarious Hilary, leaving everyone in high spirits.

The event itinerary was a comprehensive guide to holistic living, encompassing movement, healthy eating, holistic therapies, and fostering social interaction. After the invigorating workshops, attendees had the opportunity to mingle and indulge in a meal. The Mediterranean-inspired menu featured grilled meats, refreshing salads, and a vibrant smoothie station. We ended the evening with a raffle by Rikisha, our Activities Manager which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The event exceeded our expectations, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie. It was a fantastic occasion for our clients to not only enjoy a fun-filled evening but also gain valuable insights into leading a healthier lifestyle.

As the curtains fell on this remarkable evening, the resonance of positive energy lingered. Capable Communities’ commitment to promoting health and well-being was vividly displayed, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended. Here’s to more events that inspire, uplift, and contribute to the well-being of our wonderful community!