A little update from Capable Communities

Capable Communities has been bustling with activity in the first quarter, with numerous events and gatherings for our clients. Our Christmas party in December was a big hit, enjoyed by all who attended. Despite the winter chill, we’re pleased to report that the majority of our elderly and vulnerable clients continued to participate in our activities, showing their enthusiasm for the social events and the essential support provided through our social prescribing surgeries.

Our seated yoga and exercise classes have proven to be both enjoyable and beneficial, even while seated, keeping everyone engaged and active. Adding Bingo to our weekly lineup on Thursdays and Fridays has been a real crowd-pleaser, bringing excitement and joy to our clients as they shout out “bingo!” with glee. It has quickly become a highlight of our week, lifting spirits all around.

Our exercise class runs every Monday from 1-2pm.

Our Thursday Healthy Living Club has become immensely popular, thanks to its packed schedule and the warm, hearty lunch provided for all attendees. This combination of activities and a shared meal ensures that everyone leaves feeling both satisfied and content.

We’ve also recently added Bingo to our roster of social activities which is a hit with our clients! The thrill of shouting our ‘bingo!’ is a sure dose of dopamine and playing this game has really lifted the spirits of everyone taking part. This is definitely one of the highlights of our week!

We’re proud of the positive impact we’ve had on our clients’ lives so far and look forward to continuing to serve our community with dedication and enthusiasm in the months to come.

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